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"Spring-Wad" Roman Ksiazek – Spring Production Plant

We kindly inform you that our company has for many years produced technical springs made from stainless and acid-resistant bronze spring wires of diameters from 0.2 to 6.0 mm.

Our modern machines, rich experience in designing springs, and competitive prices have made SPRING-WAD one of most outstanding companies in its branch.

We produce the following types of springs:

- compression springs (polished, unpolished, loaded, not loaded)
- extension springs (English hooks, German hooks, other types of endings)
- torsion springs (all types)
- conical springs
- variously shaped springs (any shape, cotter pins, rings)

SPRING-WAD Roman Książek
Radocza Jana Pawła 2 72, 34-100 Wadowice, Poland
Tel. +48 603 372 218, Fax +48 (33) 873 06 54
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